Marmara Unlock is coming!

Marmara Unlock is coming!

marmaraunlock and marmaralock

As Marmara Chain community knows very well, the key to staking is to activate/lock the coins in your wallet. You cannot do any staking with normal spendable coins. Before staking, you need to activate them by using marmaralock amount.

marmaraunlock, i.e. the sister of marmaralock is coming to Marmara Credit Loops.

The difficulty with the marmaralock is that you need to create an artificial credit loop with short duration. The initial purpose was to push people learn how to conduct Marmara credit loops. Now there is a real push from business people and miners to remove the unnecessary credit loops.

We are happy to inform that we are bringing marmaraunlock into life on consensus level. That will need a hard fork at a certain height. Thanks to Dimxy, the core developer of Marmara Credit Loops (MCL). He has finished the coding for marmaraunlock and we are testing it. We tried to make marmaraunlock before the hardfork height. The error message was just fine as below.

./komodo-cli -ac_name=MCL marmaraunlock 1
“result”: “error”,
“error”: “unlocking not available yet”

We will share the result after the hard fork height in test chain is reached.

By marmaraunlock we will be getting rid of artificial credit loops in order people to take out activated coins. You will be able to disactivate/unlock your active/locked coins with marmaraunlock easily.

The following is the first screen shot on the test chain. Thanks to Yusuf Koç from our team for that.

marmaraunlock and marmaralock

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