Protocol for Blockchain Communities

Protocol for Blockchain Communities


As blockchain communities frequently say, the “Code is Law” and every blockchain community enjoys the laws they make freely. The laws made by blockchain communities are open source and hence open to adoption and enhancements by all people.

Blockchain communities are doing great for a perfect decentralized and distributed world through their codes/laws despite all efforts by centralized “one law for all” institutions who are trying to dictate laws to blockchain communities from outside. Blockchain communities should defend their rights for making their laws freely. Therefore, a multi-law protocol is needed for their vision of decentralized world.

This is a draft version and all proposals from blockchain communities are welcome.

Multi-Law Protocol for Blockchain Communities

We declare to the world that according to the principle put by this Protocol we accept Blockchain communities as eco-cultural diversity, each blockchain community has the right to make their own laws and implement them among their members, we deny any monopoly to any blockchain community, to reduce the multiplicity of blockchain communities to singularity to protect and practice those rights and prevent the degeneration of eco-librium of Blockchain communities and their natural environments we will organise institutions to establish justice and guide with truth to peace for a perfect decentralized World.

Article 1. Each Blockchain community as a socio-politico-economic-entity decides her own form of administration herself and names herself.

Article 2. Within the framework of this Protocol Blockchain members have the right to make and implement their laws to the Blockchain members only.

Article 3. No Blockchain community can impose their laws to other Blockchain Communities. Blockchain communities can judge their members according to their own laws.

Article 4. Laws of Blockchain communities are in effect on their members in all time and space.

Article 5. Each member of a Blockchain community has the right to obtain termination of membership according to the laws of the Blockchain Community.

Article 6. Blockchain communities decide their aims and duties according to their laws but those cannot be in contradiction to the principles of this Protocol.

Article 7. Inter Blockchain laws can be made and institutions can be organised by Blockchain Communities according to the principles of this Protocol.

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